Oscar for best VFX - Work done while at Matte World

Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for movies and games, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He began his career as a freelance artist on video games and architectural visualizations, then transitioned to work in the film industry. By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working on feature films while designing board games at night. He lives in Berkeley, CA with his loving wife and 2 wonderful kids.

Over the years of experience in the VFX industry, I’ve had the privilege to see the evolution of the work while actively participating in its transformation. Most of that time was working at Matte World Digital and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), with a few years at Image Movers, and currently at Tippett Studio. I’ve worked many roles throughout the pipeline, from artist to supervisor. Tasks ranged from laying out large CG scenes and animating cameras, to modeling, shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

Academy Award for Best Visual Effects - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"Fickle" is Glenn's first published board game. More info about his games can be found at:




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twitter: @headcraftedpix